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Share your child's special moments with the people you love and make sure your child's ok. Both things on the same app


The world's first responsive app for the baby care network.

Practical, agile and intuitive, the app can help parents prevent serious situations (like heatstroke) from happening when there's a change in the daily routine.

Push Notifications:

Artificial Intelligence identifies when you should be reminded about the child. An usefull toll to prevent heatstroke


If your child is not with you can choose another responsible person

Baby Chat:

Share your child's special moments with the people you love.

Key features of the application.



The system operates automatically based on the movement of your device.

Chats with end-to-end encryption:


Your security and privacy is guaranteed. The Chat works with end-to-end encryption.

Responsive system for sharing baby care:


The sharing between those responsible and participants of the networks works automatically to always ensure the care and safety of children.

Easy update for whomever is in charge of the child:


Choose the person in charge of your network quickly and practically, adding directly from your contacts or directly from the guests of the network that is responsible.

Differentiated sound alert:


Whenever there is an update related to the application you will receive a specific sound alert, so it is easy to know when to check how your child's safety is.

Automated operation based on artificial intelligence:


BabySafe is the world's first child care sharing application based on an artificial intelligence system that works to intuitively contribute to the safety of babies and children.

Learn more about how the app works:

Prevent the hustle and bustle of everyday life from putting your baby at risk. BabySafe, The world's first App for baby care Network. Create your own network of care. Learn more and download the app.
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